Armada: Why to start at all?

After I wrote some time ago two articles (in German) about the question which expansions are a cost-efficient way to get into the game, it dawned on me that I had taken the second step before the first. Foremost, it is necessary to explain why one should start with Armada at all. It is necessary to rouse the people. The spark needs to be ignited!


Immediately, I knew that this is not an easy task. To elate people - this is a challenge where overpaid ad writers and professional speakers shipwreck. It was clear to me: I need to squeeze all that there is of rhetoric force out of language and to sound the deepest semantic nuances of expressivity.


So, I sat down. I wrote. The first draft I tore to pieces. I continued to write. Deep into the night I sat with candlelight at my old wooden desk. And no sound could be heard except of the quill scraping the paper. Again and again I changed the text, improved it - never completely satisfied with the result. However, as morning dawned, I recognized: I had reached my goal. I had composed a work that danced on the borders of human expressivity and even achieved to set them off to regions before unknown. I knew that I would never again write an article of such strength, an article - it is almost tawdry to say - that radiates such beauty!


I had discovered that the entire subject, the entire problem why people should start playing Armada could be reduced to exactly three reasons. There are other games played. Good games! And many people are by nature sceptics. However, these three reasons will silence all and force them to devoutly nod in agreement. Here they are - the three striking reasons for giving up one's way of living and starting to play Armada:


The First Reason

The Second Reason

The Third Reason


Now, that I have published these reasons I have to confess that I might have been over enthusiastic - that a creator's pride might have taken me away and clouded my judgement. Are these really the best three reasons for Armada one can give? No, I do not think so. To many doubts remain, simply to many questions are not answered. Are really by these reasons people convinced who have lost all their fortune and who have no money left to spend for gaming? Are really people convinced who have to care for spouse and child and have to spend all their time self-sacrificingly for their family? Finally, are really people convinced who consider board games to be boring and prefer all the ecstatic moments of life - extreme sports, drugs, sex?


I cannot believe that. The three reasons are simply not good enough. What are three simple images depicting a single Star Destroyer? We need better arguments! And we need not to be at loss for them. Here they are! The three irrefutable, the three unquestionable arguments for Armada that will convince every, really every human being on this planet:



The First Irrefutable Reason

The Second Irrefutable Reason

The Third Irrefutable Reason

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